Media brand Barstool Sports launches digital ad sales suite in weeks using Vinyl.

Barstool Sports
Client Success Story

THE PROBLEM  /  Barstool Sports’ explosive growth created some unique challenges including, managing ad sales, inventory, and traffic across its many platforms and media. Barstool Sports purchased an off-the-shelf CRM solution to help. While the new system solved some of their sales challenges, it became extremely difficult to regulate advertising inventory and traffic. They resorted to controlling inventory in complicated Excel workbooks, making inventory reconciliation a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Barstool’s diverse media landscape made it difficult to understand social reach, report on revenue by channel and achieve universal visibility into inventory sell-through.

Barstool knew they needed to partner with an innovative company with groundbreaking technology in order to control their end-to-end workflow, gain crucial cross-platform insights and customize a solution to keep up with the needs of their ever-expanding media business.

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