Code Is An Anchor

Is your enterprise weighed down by multiple code bases, operating systems, databases, devices… Stop the Madness!

Vinyl provides a complete unified strategy for all your web and mobile development. Managing multiple development teams and strategies will create disparate systems along with complexity and frustration for your customers and employees.

Vinyl enables your team to build applications that run on the web and on any mobile device. The business ready applications run with any database and any operating system.

Fantastically Responsive DesignTM

Your applications can reside in the cloud or in a hybrid model and they will render on any device in a dynamic responsive design without writing a single line of code, Impossible?

Read on…

Over the last decade, We have built many development accelerators and development platforms. However, we realized until someone tackled the concept of a truly independent design and development environment businesses will continue to operate in proprietary silos creating disparate systems and overly complicated and unsustainable development strategies.

With Vinyl you no longer need segregated strategies for web and mobile application development. Technology constraints disappear and your development efforts will be amplified by your ability to deploy applications quickly and easily with little or no coding required.

The brick and mortar economy is disappearing as well as the antiquated coding methods of Java, C, C#, PHP, HTML C++ and a multitude of others.

Vinyl will put you in the driver seat of a new data driven development environment that is scalable, flexible and runs on all operating systems and devices.

Vinyl provides you with a revolutionary abstract layered methodology of application development. Vinyl becomes a simple clean canvas where your specifications become objects complete with powerful business logic that dynamically responds to any device and any environment with complete flexibility.

No one can predict the next hot device everyone will use but with Vinyl your applications will run on that device without any further development.

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