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Enterprise mobility: A mobile app is not a strategy…

Just because your enterprise has one or two apps, doesn’t mean you have a mobile strategy. A clear mobile vision for your Enterprise and the defining business drivers will lead to many innovative app ideas, but do they align with overall corporate strategy? Each day millions of developers are building code in silos trying to keep up with the proliferation of devices, operating systems and the rising demand for mobile solutions! What if that wasn’t necessary? What if you could build on a single platform that enabled your applications to run on any operating system or any device?

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Movement has taken hold. Organizations are under considerable pressure to support a seemingly unlimited array of devices and mobile platforms. End users have come to expect, if not demand, a native experience that can be prohibitively expensive to create. The tried and true approach has centered on increasing headcount to build and support mobile versions for each discrete device and platform. Vinyl provides a strategy to build your applications once and run on any device and the web without any additional effort.

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