The Myth of Complex Business Logic

My goal over my entire career has been to make development simpler and free of the technology complexities that get in the way of building innovative solutions for your business.

Since the 1980’s Developers have shied away from the latest technologies. 4GLs and Development Platforms were all labeled “dead ends.”  Most developers are cautious by nature and they want to feel comfortable and in control.  Now with low code even “No Code” platforms we are hearing the familiar push back from IT, “But how will we implement complex business logic?”

At Vinyl, we ask, “is any Business logic really that complex?”

We believe the complexities come from multiple security layers, interoperability requirements between platforms and incompatibility of data sources.

It is our experience that business logic is typically easily expressed and understood if you could mask away the technology issues.

Vinyl is designed to allow you to express Business Logic, without regard to differences and complexities in data sources, platforms and security.

“No Code” to Vinyl means complexity free development with powerful and flexible applications that solve any business problem an Enterprise faces.

A big promise yes, but one I feel very comfortable making based on 35 years of building the most innovative enterprise level platforms in the marketplace. 

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