Vinyl – When You Need Your App NOW!

Powerful Yet Simple Low-Code / No-Code Application Development Platform

Vinyl helps companies think about a solution differently. Vinyl removes the risk from Enterprise App Dev. Vinyl means you can build and deploy enterprise-grade applications in a week or two eliminating previously insurmountable political and technological challenges10 

Trish Kennedy

COO, Zudy

So Why Call Zudy?

If a company needs an app fast, or if they have highly complex systems and need to build out a more modern, digital solution; Zudy can provide ideas, strategy and help deliver quickly and without risk. With offices all over North America, in Europe, Australia, Singapore, and soon Asia extended. “The need for innovative technology like Vinyl and our expertise is in great demand worldwide. We look forward to geographically expanding further.” Trish said, “We also are focused on major initiatives in Healthcare improvement including telemedicine and enabling pharma to digitize processes and improve timeframes for development of critical medicines and therapies. We are seeing incredible advancement in clinical settings using Vinyl and we are truly proud of this accomplishment,” concludes Trish. 

Most Promising No-Code / Low-Code Platform

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