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We Listened! Customer feedback continues to be crucial in identifying the path forward. While we always focus on security, connectivity, speed, and staying current, additional focus for Vinyl 3.2 was placed on usability, reliability, and learning.

Vinyl 3.2 is an exciting and powerful release aimed at empowering our growing Citizen Developer community.

Vinyl 3.2’s new streamlined UI/UX simplifies and accelerates the process to build and maintain dynamic Vinyl apps for all your business needs.


Vinyl groundbreaking features and functionality have just gotten easier!

Easy to get Started

It has never been easier to create a new application. Further advances in Vinyl’s intelligent automation greatly accelerate the initial app build workflow. In 3 easy steps, your imagined app can be a working reality.  Simply name, connect, select a layout, and you are on your way to building an enterprise-grade application capable of powering your business.

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Zudy Vinyl NEW Workbench

Easy to Visualize Your Application

The streamlined App Workbench makes it easy to see all the application objects on 1 page. With the new Workbench Tiles and Toolbar, the App Workbench is designed to manage the entire process of your application build. You are only 1 click away from adding any application object. Quickly and easily view the most recent modified objects, regardless of type. Think of the App Workbench as an inventory of all the objects that make up your application.

Easily See Your App through Diagrams

The App Diagram Dashboard visually displays data source hierarchy, page structure/application menus (based on device), and roles (based on permissions) using diagrams; helping a user to easily and quickly understand and edit the structure of an application and how the different parts relate. By visualizing the user flows and use cases for your app, it’s easier to identify and prioritize the features you will need.

  • Data Schema
  • Site Maps
  • Menus
  • Pages
  • Security (Roles)
Zudy Vinyl App Diagrams
Zudy Vinyl Performance Tracing

Easy to Visualize Your Page Design

The updated Page Designer provides visual tools, viewing the Page Panel Properties and Layout for a specific page offers instant view, addedit, and run capabilities; allowing for easier access and better categorization and customization.

Easy to Find Help and Resources

Vinyl Spotlight is Zudy’s new resource center for the Vinyl Community. Easily access it from the main menu or throughout your app build from embedded callouts. Since Vinyl Spotlight resides on its own dedicated server, it’s always current no matter what version of Vinyl you are running. Access to release notestrainingdocumentationyour peershelp desk, and so much more is now 1 click away with new content continually being added.

Zudy Vinyl Spotlight

Additional features and functionality in Vinyl 3.2:

Zudy Vinyl In-Memory Fields

Use Temporary Data with Ease

In-Memory Fields allow for in-memory storage for perishable fields. Rapidly accelerate your app builds with this powerful new supported feature.

Zudy Vinyl Action Panel Drawer

Easy to Strengthen Security

We made increasing the overall security of your password policies a breeze through the following supported password policy types:

  • Characters
  • History
  • Length
  • Repetition
  • User Name

Noteworthy Features and Updates



Copy Rest Data Sources

Widget Capabilities



Transport LP Validations & Enhancements


Log to Azure Insights



New Business Object Types

Data Layer Accelerators

Technical Debt

Highcharts Library Upgrade

jQuery Library Upgrades

… and hundreds more.

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